4 Factors Why You Shouldn’t Decrease Your Criteria

4 Factors Why You Shouldn’t Decrease Your Criteria

Perhaps you have been told that you’re too demanding or have actually too high standards? Don’t go on it physically. In reality, it really is healthier setting your very own requirements and live by them.

Individuals frequently speak about high criteria with regards to love and relationships. You’ve been solitary for some time and you’re needs to give up hope you dream of that you will never meet the person. Individuals that you’re too demanding and want something you’re never gonna have and advise you to lower your standards just to increase your chances of meeting someone around you tell you.

Honestly, it is one of many worst advices it is possible to get ever.

The initial result of many individuals would be considering whether their requirements aren’t actually high, plus some of these will start to accept they desire and start lowering their standards that they will never have what.

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