Consumer Federation of America

Consumer Federation of America

Many Recent Press Releases

  • Insurance firms Charge 79% More To Safe Drivers in Washington State as a result of Low Credit Scores; State Farm almost Triples Premium for Good Drivers with Credit issues
  • Automobile Insurance Refunds required as brand brand New information Show Crashes stay Well Below Normal because of Pandemic; 23% less Accidents in and October september
  • Texas Department of Insurance’s Misinformation and Inaction Stall Efforts to make sure Proper COVID Auto Insurance Refunds for Texans

Most Recent Testimony and Remarks

  • Groups Urge Insurance Commissioners to need A round that is second of Relief
  • 18 Groups Urge NAIC’s Special Committee on Race and Insurance to Combat Systemic Racism
  • CFA Aids Oregon’s Proposed Ban on Using Factors that is non-Driving to Insurance Fees

Insurance providers are not expected to treat comparable dangers differently, and there’s not a way that two different people who are able to speak with one another from their yards can be viewed as different dangers centered on geography. The companies and government regulators have a special obligation to ensure fairness in pricing since states require drivers to purchase private auto insurance.

Just because, as regulators, you stay ready to accept the concept of extremely differentiated premiums such as ZIP rule by ZIP rule score, there’s absolutely no reason for stark cost differences along these abnormal boundaries.

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